2021 WIDI Affiliate Tournament Team Challenge Video Presentations

We are excited to be able to share Team Challenge solution presentations  with everyone! 

Thank you to everyone for your patience and rolling with all the changes that happened this DI season!
Problem solving is what we do best!

Wisconsin DI Team Peformance Videos

Tune in on Saturday, April 3, 2021, from 1 - 4PM and watch these amazing teams present their Challenge solutions! These videos were submitted as part of the 2021 tournament and 37 of our teams agreed to let us publish them for your viewing pleasure!

Google Meet is being used for the viewing rooms.

Download the Team Challenge presentation viewing schedule here.

Virtual Room A

Click here for Virtual Room A
Meeting Code: ctb-fruk-zrr

Virtual Room B

Click here for Virtual Room B
Meeting Code: qnb-uzay-cdo

Please join us as we say thank you to our 2021 tournament sponsor KI!
Tournament sponsor KI