Wisconsin’s Destination Imagination, Inc.’s (WIDI) Alumni know the impact the program brings to our team members, team managers and even volunteers. Help share your insight and expertise with current participants and volunteers!
Please join us as a WIDI Alum. You’ll have the opportunity to stay connected to WIDI, share your experiences, network with other alumni and learn about DI opportunities around the state.

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Who is a DI Alum?

Any person, 18 years or older, who has participated on a Destination Imagination (or Odyssey of the Mind prior to the 1999-2000 season) team for at least one year.

Alumni Relations Coordinator (ARC)

The Wisconsin Alumni Relations Coordinator (ARC) is your alumni “welcome wagon” and their role is to help you find a community of DI volunteers wherever you’re located. They can connect you to Affiliate leadership and answer questions about getting involved as a volunteer, even if you moved out of state. To connect, please send a message to

Alumni in Action

Wisconsin Destination Imagination, Inc.’s participants go on to do remarkable things! They are successful engineers, artists and educators—innovators and leaders in a variety of fields. We would love to collect and share some inspiring success stories of DI alumni here. If you have an interesting or inspiring story to share, please email us at

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