Step 1: Form Your Team

Under the supervision of at least one adult Team Manager (TM), DI teams consist of  2 to 7* team members.

The age of the oldest student on a team determines at which level a team competes.

Destination Imagination breaks down the levels as follows:

Early Learning (aka) Rising Stars: This level is for exhibition and is non-competitive. Students in grades Kindergarten through second grade can participate in Rising Stars. This level introduces the students to the program without the worries of following the rules set forth in the competitive levels. The challenge is the same for all Rising Stars teams. *Rising Stars teams can have more than 7 team members. For the 2021 season, Rising Stars teams will present their Challege solutions for the Affiliate tournament .

Elementary Level (EL): This level is for students through fifth grade. It is a competitive level and teams will choose from a list of six challenges and compete against other EL teams solving the same Challenge.

Middle Level (ML): This level is for students in grades sixth through eighth. It is a competitive level and teams will choose from a list of six challenges and compete against other ML teams solving the same Challenge.

Secondary Level (SL): This level is for students in grades ninth through twelfth. It is a competitive level and teams will choose from a list of six challenges and compete against other SL teams solving the same Challenge.

University Level (UL): This level is for full-time, post-secondary students enrolled in college, university, trade, or technical school or in the military. College-bound high school seniors who are taking accredited courses offered by a college or university that will qualify for course credit when entering higher education. It is a competitive level and teams will choose from a list of six challenges and compete against other UL teams solving the same Challenge.

Step 2: Purchase a Team KIt

A team kit includes all the Challenge instructions and additional documentation needed for a team to proceed with the season as well as a unique  team number that identifies your team in the system throughout one tournament season. The team number is needed to register to participate in tournaments.

Team kits are purchased through the Destination Imagination Inc's website here.  Challenge materials for the Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning Challenges will be released on November 1, 2020. Challenge materials for the Engineering and Improvisational Challenges will be released on December 1, 2020.

The base costs are listed below:


Assign at least one Team Manager (TM) for each team number purchased and order a background check required under the Youth Protection Policy.  Under this policy, all TMs must pass a background check prior to Challenge materials being released. Background checks are being handled through DIHQ this season

If the purchaser of the team kit(s) is not the Team Manager, send the Background Check code to the person assigned as the Team Manager. The code(s) can be found on the order screen under Status History once you have paid. Team Managers will need this to claim their pre-paid Background Check. If they don’t have it, they will be prompted to purchase a Background Check separately.

All materials will become available digitally via the TM's DI account one the fees are paid and background checks are completed and passed. Additional TMs and background checks can then be ordered.

NOTICE: For the 2021 season, there is an additional Affiliate team registration fee due at the time of the team number purchase. Wisconsin's fee is $90 and this may vary for other Affiliates. There will also be an Affilliate tournament entry fee due for competitive level teams when tournament registration opens. Rising Stars will be able to present solutions for the Affiliate tournament at no additional charge.   Since there will be no Regional tournaments for the 2021 season, there will be no Regional tournament costs.

Buy Your Team Kit Here!

Step 3: Choose A Challenge

All competitive level teams will have six Challenges from which to choose. All Rising Stars teams will solve the same Challenge. When a team knows what Challenge they will solve for the season, a TM can log in to his or her DI account on the DIHQ site and designate the chosen Challenge. This is necessaey prior to any tournament.

    • Technical: The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning, and related skills.
    • Scientific: The Scientific Challenge blends the curiosity of scientific research with the creative expression of performance art.
    • Engineering: The  Engineering Challenge asks students to design, build, and test load-bearing structures created from specific materials.
    • Fine Arts: The Fine Arts Challenge helps students develop acting and creative skills through artistic media, theater arts, script writing, and prop design.
    • Improvisational: The Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.
    • Service Learning: TherService Learning Challenge is designed to engage students in public service that addresses real-life community issues.
    • Early Learning: The Rising Stars for Early Learners Challenge offers simple experiences with the creative process, and it gives young kids (preschool through 2nd grade) a place to work together and make new friends.

Step 4: Team Solves The Challenge

Teams will meet on their own schedules to solve the Challenge as they see fit. Only team members are allowed to contribute to the solution. Please be sure all TMs, team members, parents, and anyone that may be brougt in to teach any skills are familar with the rules of  Interference found in the Rules of the Road.

Step 5: Register For The Affiliate Tournament

For the 2021 season, Wisconsin Destination Imagination will be holding a virtual Affiliate tournament in April 2021. Regional tournaments will not be held. Visit the 2021 Wisconsin DI Affiliate tournament section for the timeline, a checklist, and registration information. Registration for the Wisconsin Affiliate tournament is done here on the WIDI site.  A log in separate from the DIHQ site will be required and is based on the same email used when the TM was registered on the DIHQ site.

There will be no in-person tournament for the 2021 season. 

If a team qualifies to participate in Global Finals, further registration will be necessary and instructions will follow.

Step 6: Celebrate!

Celebrate the journey!

Each team should celebrate the accomplishments of the season!  Celebrate learning a new skill or improving on an old one.  Celebrate overlcoming obstacles.  Celebrate your team's tenacity and perserverance. Celebrate all the fun  you had! 

No matter the points or the place, DI is something to be celebrated for the process.